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ibus::ascii Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

Constants and membership tests for ASCII characters


def _ctoi
def alt
def ascii
def ctrl
def isalnum
def isalpha
def isascii
def isblank
def iscntrl
def isctrl
def isdigit
def isgraph
def islower
def ismeta
def isprint
def ispunct
def isspace
def isupper
def isxdigit
def unctrl


int ACK = 0x06
int BEL = 0x07
int BS = 0x08
int CAN = 0x18
list controlnames
int CR = 0x0d
int DC1 = 0x11
int DC2 = 0x12
int DC3 = 0x13
int DC4 = 0x14
int DEL = 0x7f
int DLE = 0x10
int EM = 0x19
int ENQ = 0x05
int EOT = 0x04
int ESC = 0x1b
int ETB = 0x17
int ETX = 0x03
int FF = 0x0c
int FS = 0x1c
int GS = 0x1d
int HT = 0x09
int LF = 0x0a
int NAK = 0x15
int NL = 0x0a
int NUL = 0x00
int RS = 0x1e
int SI = 0x0f
int SO = 0x0e
int SOH = 0x01
int SP = 0x20
int STX = 0x02
int SUB = 0x1a
int SYN = 0x16
int TAB = 0x09
int US = 0x1f
int VT = 0x0b

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